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Blasted Heath

Established Glasgow. Digital Publishing.

BOWERS, Henry (Birdie) Robertson (Antarctic Explorer) RETAIN

Born Greenock, Scotland (1883-1912). He was one of the five men from the “Terra Nova” Expedition who reached the South Pole 16th January 1912. He was acting as navigator to ensure they reached the exact position of the pole. Prior to the start of the trek he had already suffered horrendous hardship during “The Worst Journey in the World”, a five week ordeal in darkness with temperatures reaching minus 70 degrees F., in an endeavour to obtain Emperor penguin eggs. He perished in a tent along with Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Dr Edward Wilson and Petty Officer Edgar Evans when caught in a blizzard only eleven miles from supplies and safety.

CLEGHORN, Hugh Francis Clarke, FRSE, FLS (Father of Scientific Forestry in India)

A pioneering Scottish physician, botanist and forester, b. of Scottish parents in Madras, India (1820-1895). He was educated in Scotland and then returned to India where his work eventually led to the establishment of the Forest Department of India. In later life he had a seminal roll in the establishment of a lectureship in forestry at Edinburgh University. The plant genus Cleghornia was dedicated in his honour.

Donald and Wilson Hanna

Paisley. F 1816

Forbes of Sandhaven (Traditional Boatbuilders)


Galloway Cattle

One of the world’s longest established cattle breeds named after the Galloway region of Scotland.

HENDERSON, Dr Donald Ainslie (1928-2016) Epidemiologist (Eradication of Smallpox)


His parents were both Scots who emigrated to Canada where Donald was born.


High Speed 1 (HS1) The Channel Tunnel Link

Built to carry international passenger between London and Europe, it also serves towns and cities in Kent. Opened November 2007 at a cost of £5.8 billion.

High Speed 2 (HS2)

Highest Village in Britain, Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. 1,531 Feet

England claims highest village in UK to be Flash in the Peak District at 1,518 feet.

Hollow Pipe Drainage

Invented by Sir Hugh Dalrymple, Lord Drummore. (1700-1753). This innovation allowed the drying of water-logged land, bringing large areas into agricultural production.


Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

London Gateway Project

A vast new container port being constructed 20 miles south of London. Scheduled to open for business late 2014. Cost £1.5 billion ($2.25 billion)

RAILTON, George Scott (1849-1913) Founder of Salvation Army in U.S.

Born in Arbroath, Scotland, he became the first national commander of the Salvation Army in the United States, starting its first mission there in 1880. Today (2013) it is the second largest charity in the States with some 123,843 members.

Scottish Timelines

Ships, Extant Historic

SS Raven

Thomas Seath, Rutherglenn 1871.

The Hebridean Sea and The Minch

The Hebridean Sea

It runs up the west coast of Scotland separating the mainland from the northern inner Hebrides to the east, and the southern Outer Hebrides in the west until it joins the Little Minch.

The Minch

The southern section of the Minch, sometimes called the Little Minch, separates Skye from the southern Outer Hebrides.

The northern section of the Minch separates the north west highlands from Lewis and Harris, the northern islands of the Outer Hebrides.

The Lodge of Edinburgh (St Mary’s) No1

Its minutes date back to 1599, making it the oldest still-extant lodge anywhere in the world.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress