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Allan Shipping Line

Anchor Line Ltd

The beginnings of the Anchor Line can be traced back to 1838 when two Glasgow brothers, Nicol and Robert Handyside, established themselves in their home town as shipbrokers and merchants.

ANDERSON, Arthur (1792 Shetland – 1868 London)

Co-founder of Peninsular Steam Navigation Company (P&O). Chairman from 1854 till his death in 1868, at which time P&O had the largest commercial fleet of steamships in the world.

BURRELL, Sir William (1861 – 1951)

An eccentric shipowner and compulsive collector of art and antiques. In 1944 he presented 8000 items to the City of Glasgow which form the Burrell Collection, now housed in Pollock Park. He also gave 42 paintings to Berwick-upon-Tweed Art Gallery.


Clyde Shipping Company

Established 1815, Glasgow. Purchased paddle steamers “Industry” and “Trusty” making it one of the first steamboat companies in the UK. Coastal services between UK and Irish ports.

Clyde Turbine Steamers.


Elder Dempster

P “Paddy” Henderson and Company

Patrick Henderson, was a Glasgow merchant who, with his three brothers, invested in their first boat in the 1830’s. Patrick died in 1841 and the business was continued by his sea captain brother George. In 1848 he took on James Galbraith, a young man of outstanding abilities who quickly expanded the business from merchants to ship owners and managers. In 1854 they started trading to New Zealand, carrying Scottish Emigrants and Royal Mail. As cargo for the return trips was in short supply, in 1860 they started a regular service to Burma. See Albion Shipping Company Ltd.

Paddle Steamers.Info


Shaw Savill Line

The Albion Shipping Company

In 1860 P Henderson & Company of Glasgow were trading with Burma, but business was expanding at such a fast rate that  new capital was required. New partners brought in and  the Albion Shipping Company was formed as ship owners with their vessels managed by Henderson. Albion became the dominant British company in the New Zealand trade and held the Royal Mail contract. The Suez Canal opened in 1869, making coal more economic on the Burma run, and in 1870 Henderson started a steamboat service between Glasgow, Liverpool and Burma. In 1874 the British & Burmese Steam Navigation Company Ltd was formed.

The British and Burmese Steam Navigation Co Ltd

The Shaw, Savill and Albion Company

The Ships List

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