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BLYTH, Sir “Chay” Charles. CBE, BEM (b 1940) Round-the-World Yachtsman and Atlantic Rower

Born and raised in Hawick, Scotland. As a member of the Parachute Regiment, on 4th June 1966 He and John Ridgway set off from Orleans in the US to row the Atlantic. They arrived at Kilronan on the Aran Islands on 4th June 1966, the first to row the Atlantic in the 20th century. Blyth later went on to become world famous as the first man to sail single handed round the world against all the prevailing winds and currents. A feat deemed by many experts as impossible.

Chay Blyth (Yachtsman)

Born Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland May 1940. The first person to sail non-stop westwards round the world in 1971. A venture said to be impossible by seasoned world sailors. He described his circumnavigation in his book “The Impossible Voyage.”

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