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MURRAY, William Hutchison (1913-1996) Mountaineer and Writer

One of Scotland’s foremost mountaineers and author of many books on Scottish subjects but particularly on climbing, including his classic Mountaineering in Scotland, first published in 1947.

A Chronology of Scottish Sport


Alexander Mitchell Kellas (1868-1921)

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Kellas was a pioneering Himalayan climber who made at least ten first ascents of peaks over 6,100 m (20,000 ft). From 1911 to 1930, he held the world summit record of 7.128 m (23,386 ft) for Pauhunri, Sikkim, which was the highest peak conquered at that time. He was the first to use Sherpas, but is probably best remembered today for his important studies and experiments on the effects of  great heights on human physiology.

BLYTH, Sir “Chay” Charles. CBE, BEM (b 1940) Round-the-World Yachtsman and Atlantic Rower

Born and raised in Hawick, Scotland. As a member of the Parachute Regiment, on 4th June 1966 He and John Ridgway set off from Orleans in the US to row the Atlantic. They arrived at Kilronan on the Aran Islands on 4th June 1966, the first to row the Atlantic in the 20th century. Blyth later went on to become world famous as the first man to sail single handed round the world against all the prevailing winds and currents. A feat deemed by many experts as impossible.

Brown, Leven (Ocean Rower)

Born and raised in the Scottish borders he holds several ocean rowing world records achieved in both the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Caleb’s List

From a list compiled in the 19th century by Edinburgh schoolmaster and climber Caleb George Cash. Climbing the Scottish Mountains Visible from Arthur’s Seat. By Kellan MacInnes, published by Luath Press Ltd.

CECIL, Sir Henry (1943-2013) Flat racing trainer

Born Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Was Champion Trainer 10 times and considered by many to be the greatest ever to grace the sport.

Chay Blyth (Yachtsman)

Born Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland May 1940. The first person to sail non-stop westwards round the world in 1971. A venture said to be impossible by seasoned world sailors. He described his circumnavigation in his book “The Impossible Voyage.”

CLARK, “Jim”James (1936 – 1968) Twice F1 World Champion

Born in Fife, Scotland. Twice world champion F1 racing driver. Won seven Grand prix races in a row, twenty-five in all, breaking the previous record of twenty-four. Died during an F2 race at Hockenheim, April 7 1968


COULTHARD, David “DC” Marshall (b 1971) F1 Driver

Born Twynholm in the Scottish Borders. He finished in the world championship top three no less than five times during a career spanning over a decade.

COWAN, Andrew. (Rally Driver)

Born December 1936 in the Scottish borders. He had much national and international success, particularly in long distance events.

Cycling in Scotland.


Dave Macleod

Lochaber based Scottish climber who has pioneered many new highly difficult routes.

DINNIE, Donald (1837-1916)

Born near Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The world’s strongest man, world champion wrestler, greatest athlete in the world. He won the Scottish Highland Games Championship every year from 1856 to 1876.

DONOHOE, Thomas. (Father of Brazilian football)

A keen footballer himself, Donohoe from Busby, Renfrewshire, arrived in Brazil in 1893 and was disappointed to learn that the game wasn’t played there. He couldn’t even acquire a ball in that country and decided to order some from Britain. He introduced the game to the locals and the first match on Brazilian soil was played in 1894.

Dougal Haston (1940-1977)

DOUGLAS, Sir John Sholto (8th Marquis of Queensberry) (1844 – 1900)

The Scottish peer who devised the “Queensberry Rules” for boxing in 1867. These rules still apply in the twenty-first century.


Dr Hamish MacInnes

Early Admiralty Charts – Scotland

FERGUSON, Sir “Alex” Alexander CBE

Born in 1941 in Govan, Glasgow. He is quite simply the greatest football manager in the worldwide history of the game.

FINLAY, Roy (Ocean Rower)

From Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire Scotland, Finlay has made three valiant, but so far unsuccessful, attempts to row the Atlantic.

FRANCHITTI, George Dario

Born May 1973 at Bathgate, Midlothian, Scotland. Four times winner of the US IndyCar Series, and three times winner of the Indianapolis 500.

Glasgow and Edinburgh’s University Boat Race

Fierce competition between Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities has existed since 1877 when the first race took place. It has been contested annually for the past 136 Years and is the second oldest race of its type in the world.

GRAINGER, Katherine CBE (Olympic Gold Medallist)

Born 1975 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Ice Hockey (Scottish Origins)

The origins of the game are argued about to this day, but a strong claim can be made that it was brought to Canada, where it all started, by Scottish highland troops stationed there with the British army and playing their native game of shinty on ice during the winter months. The earliest games there were played in Nova Scotia and called shinney, and in Canada that term is still used today to describe an informal game of ice or street hockey. The game is still played with camans, now called hockey sticks, and a puck, the name of which is derived from the Scots Gaelic puc (to poke, punch or deliver a blow).

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