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15 Amazing Scottish Women From History

Websites highlighting Scottish women of note.

Edinburgh Abolitionist Society

Edinburgh Ladies Emancipation Society

Glasgow Anti-Slavery Society

Glasgow Ladies Auxiliary Emancipation Society

MUIR, Thomas of Huntershill (1765-1799) Political Reformer

Born at Milton of Campsie near Glasgow, Scotland. He fought against the already established Treaty of Union and was harshly treated by a vindictive British establishment which sentenced him to 14 years transportation to Australia. His escape from there and his subsequent travails at the hands of various foreign governments is a fascinating adventure story. He died at the age of 34 in Ile-de-France from long term injuries suffered during a naval engagement.


d. 1888

SMEAL, William (1792-1877)

Founder of the Glasgow Emancipation Society.

STUART, Charles (1783-1865) Abolitionist

Born in Jamaica to Scottish parents. He settled in Canada where he took in refugee slaves from the south, founded a small black colony, and helped some of his charges to become farmers. In 1840, while in London, he attended the World Anti-Slavery Convention.

WALLACE, Mary Lilly

WIGHAM, Eliza (1820-1899)

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