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HUME, Allan Octavian CB (1829-1912) Founder of Indian National Congress, Father of Indian Ornithology

Born Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland, son of the Scottish doctor and radical MP Joseph Hume. Allan entered the Indian civil service in 1849 and held a number of executive positions until his retirement in 1882. During those years his interest in ornithology led him to produce several important works on the birds of India leading to him being called father of Indian ornithology. Following his retirement he put forward proposals giving Indians a more democratic representational government and this eventually led to the foundation of the Indian National Congress, which today remains a potent political force in India. For the first 22 years of its existence he served as General Secretary of the Congress and he has been named as its founding father.

ROXBURGH, William FRSE, FRCPE (1751-1815) Father of Indian Botany.

Born Craigie, Ayrshire. Botanist, surgeon and meteorologist. In India his vast collection of meteor0logical data, taken over years ,allowed him to form opinions on climate change and widespread famine in the then empire. He is famed for his botanical studies in India and was regarded by his contemporaries as the greatest botanist since Linnaeus. He has been called the father of Indian botany.

WEDDERBURN, Sir William JP DL (1838-1918) Twice President of the Indian National Congress.

Born and educated at Edinburgh, Scotland. He had a distinguished career in the Indian Civil Service which he joined in 1860. Along with Allan Octavian Hill he was a founder of the Indian National Congress and served as its President in 1889 and again in 1910.

YULE, George (1829-1892) Fourth President of the Indian National Congress

Born in Stonehaven, Scotland. In 1888 he became the first non-Indian to hold the post of President of the Congress. He was also Sheriff of Calcutta and President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

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