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BROWN, George (1818-1880) Politician, Newspaper Proprietor and a founding Father of Canada

Born in Alloa, Scotland and educated in Edinburgh, he emigrated to then Province of Canada in 1837. In 1844 he founded the “Toronto Globe” newspaper which eventually boasted the largest circulation in the country. As a Canadian politician he is counted as one of the Fathers of the confederation which eventually brought the various separately run Canadian territories together from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Canadian People of Scottish Descent.


MACDONALD, Sir John Alexander ( 1815-1891) GCB, KCMG, PC (Can) PC, QC. Canada’s First PM.

Born Glasgow, Scotland. He emigrated with his family to Canada in 1820. He was educated there and became a successful lawyer before entering politics. He was a father of Confederation and the leading figure in negotiations leading up to the British North America Act and the birth of the nation of Canada. In 1867 he became the country’s first Prime Minister.

MACKENZIE, Alexander PC, (1822-1892) Second Prime Minister of Canada)

Born Logierait, Perthshire, Scotland. He trained as a stonemason and eventually emigrated to Canada in 1842 and almost immediately gained a reputation as a skilled, honest and decent man. He had a keen interest in politics and eventually acquired a seat in the legislature and became leader of the Liberal Party. Following the election of 1874 he became Canada’s second Prime Minister.

MACKENZIE, Sir Alexander (1764-1820) Explorer

Born at Luskentyre House, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. He became the first European (possibly the first human being) to cross the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific in July 1793. On a previous expedition with the same intention of reaching the Pacific his chosen route using rivers found a passage to the Arctic Ocean instead. One of, if not the greatest of all North American explorers.

RAMSAY, George 9th Earl of Dalhousie (1770-1838)

Born at Dalhousie Castle, Midlothian, Scotland. He served as Governor of Nova Scotia, Governor General of British North America, and Finally as Commander-in-Chief in India. He was the father of James Broun Ramsay Governor-General of India.

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