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Launched in 1886 by Charles Connell. She is a steel-hulled fully rigged ship now berthed at the San Francisco Maritime Museum.


Alexander Hall, Aberdeen, 1931. Tugboat, lying Bristol.


Robertson’s, Dunoon, 1908. Clyde 30 racing yacht. Lying Gosport. Private ownership.

Cutty Sark

Clipper Ship, built by Scott & Linton, Dumbarton, and completed and launched by William Denny & Brothers in 1869. In 1885 broke record for Australia to the UK via Cape Horn with a time of 72 days. Lying Greenwich.

Delta Queen and Delta King

Both built and engined by William Denny & Brothers of Dumbarton in 1924. Stern-wheel steamboats that were prefabricated and shipped in pieces to Stockton, California, in 1926. They were destined for the sacramento river service between Sacramento and San Francisco. At the time they were the most lavishly appointed and expensive stern-wheelers ever commissioned. Due to a new highway between the two cities both were laid up, and later Delta Queen was put into service out of New Orleans. In 2011 she started cruising the Mississippi. The Delta King is permanently moored at Sacramento as a floating hotel. Delta Queen was listed on the US National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and Delta King received the same honour  in 1978.


JG Forbes, Sandhaven, 1931. Drifter, Based Penzance. Oldest wooden fishing boat in commercial use.

Gaff Ketch Nell

Designed by G L Watson and built in 1887 by Thomas Orr Jnr. Lying Honfleur, N. France.


Anderson Rodger & Co, Port Glasgow, 1896. Barque, cargo vessel. Lying Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow. Museum.

HrMs De Buffel

Iron clad turret ram ship built by Robert Napier at Govan and launched in 1868. One of three built by them for the Royal Netherlands Navy. Lying Maritime Museum, Rotterdam.

Isabella Fortuna WK499

Built by James Weir of Arbroath and launched in 1890 as the largest yawl in the Arbroath fleet. Fully restored and lying Shaltigoe, Wick.

Kathleen and May

Ferguson and Baird, 1900. Rothesay builders who moved to Wales in 1840. Last remaining wooden hulled, three masted top sail schooner. Lying Bideford, Devon. Operational.

Lively Hope

William Weatherhead and Son, Cockenzie, 1936. Ring Netter. Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther.

National Historic Fleet, Core Collection

A list of British museum ships and boats.

Preserved Clydebuilt Historic Ships

PS John H Amos

Bow McLachlan & C0, Paisley, 1931. Tugboat. Medway Maritime Trust.

PS Waverley

A & J Inglis, Pointhouse, River Clyde, 1946. Paddle Steamer, Firth of Clyde. Operational.

Royal Yacht Britannia

John Brown, Clydebank, 1952. Lying Leith, Edinburgh. Floating museum.

RRS Discovery

Dundee Shipbuilder’s Company, 1901. The first ship specifically designed for polar exploration. She was also the last wooden three masted ship built in Britain. Dundee Heritage Trust, floating museum.

SS Raven

Thomas Seath, Rutherglenn 1871.

SS Shieldhall

Lobnitz & Co Ltd, Renfrew, 1955. Sewage disposal vessel. Operational.

T S Queen Mary

Built in Dumbarton in 1933. Last of the Clyde built turbine steamers. Currently (2013) moored on the Thames, but efforts are under way to have her returned to the Clyde. A charity Friends of the T S Queen Mary has been formed to raise the necessary funding

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