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King James IV (Relics)

Following his death at the battle of Flodden, his sword, dagger and ring were taken from his body by the Earl of Surrey. His descendants later donated them to the College of Arms in London where they are evidently in the library, lying in an old fish tank accompanied by some  Zulu spears and other trophies of war.

Monymusk Reliquary

Made in the 8th century, possibly on Iona, it is one of the most important artifacts in the collections of the Museum of Scotland. It is said to have contained relics of St Columba, and was a sacred battle ensign of the Scottish army, carried into many fields including Bannockburn.

The Lewis chessmen

Sometimes called the Uig chessmen, named from the bay on the Isle Lewis where they were found. A group of 12th century chess pieces many carved from walrus ivory. Eleven pieces are held by the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, but the bulk of them, sixty-seven in all, reside at the British Museum in London.

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