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Clydesdale Horse

This is Scotland’s draught horse, and is named after the Clydesdale area from which it came.

Eriskay Pony

Of ancient origins, its appearance is very similar to those depicted on early Pictish stone carvings. The breed originated in the Scottish Hebrides.

Galloway Pony

The now extinct Galloway was native to, and named after that area of Scotland, although its range extended into the north of England. It died out through crossbreeding because its progeny were such useful animals. Its influence may be seen today in the Highland pony, the Newfoundland pony and the English Fell pony.

Highland Pony

A native breed of the Scottish highlands and islands. It is one of the largest of the moorland and mountain ponies of the British Isles.

Shetland Pony

These diminutive ponies originated in Scotland’s Shetland Isles. Pound for pound they are by far the strongest breed of pony or horse in existence.

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