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ADIE, Alexander James FRSE (1775-1859)

Born Edinburgh. Medical instrument manufacturer, optician and Meteorologist. Invented the Sympiesometer or Marine Barometer. He was optician to William IV and Queen Victoria.

BRUCE, William Speirs (1867 – 1921)

Arctic, and particularly Antarctic explorer. He led the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition which sailed from Troon in November 1902. One hundred years later, it was recognised that it had “laid the foundation of modern climate change studies”, and that its experimental work had showed that part of the globe to be crucially important to the world’s climate.

BUCHAN, Alexander FRS FRSE (1829-1907)

b Kinesswood, Perth & Kinross. Meteorologist, Secretary of the Scottish Meteorological Society for 47 years, and editor of its journal. Was first recipient of the Symons Gold Medal of the Royal Meteorological Society. Invented the isobar and considered by many to be the true father of Meteorology.

CROLL, James. FRS (1821-1890)

Born near Wolfhill, Perthshire. Developed theories on climate dynamics and geology. His theory of multiple ice ages was eventually proved by Milankovitch in 1976.

FINDLATER, John FRMS (1926-2013)

Born Motherwell, Scotland. One of the UK’s leading meteorologists, three times decorated for his research. The meteorological ¬†effects of monsoon winds blowing from the Horn of Africa towards India are named after him.

KNOTT, Cargill Gilston. FRS, FRSE.(1856-1922)

Born Penicuik, Midlothian (1856 – 1922). A physicist and mathematician who was a pioneer in seismological research. Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and President of the Scottish Meteorological Society.

MILNE-HOME, David. FRSE. (1805 – 1890)

A Geologist who was also interested in Meteorology and was chairman of the council of the Scottish Meteorological Society. His main interest was in earthquakes. He coined the word “seismometer” to describe an instrument designed by James David Forbes.

MONTEITH, John Lennox (1929-2012)

Meteorologist. Pioneered the application of physical principles in the study of how plants and animals interact with their immediate environment or microclimate.

ROXBURGH, William FRSE, FRCPE (1751-1815) Father of Indian Botany.

Born Craigie, Ayrshire. Botanist, surgeon and meteorologist. In India his vast collection of meteor0logical data, taken over years ,allowed him to form opinions on climate change and widespread famine in the then empire. He is famed for his botanical studies in India and was regarded by his contemporaries as the greatest botanist since Linnaeus. He has been called the father of Indian botany.

Scottish Meteorologists


STAGG, James Martin CB OBE FRSE (1900-1975) Meteorologist

Born Dalkeith, Scotland. As chief meteorological officer for Operation Overlord he notably persuaded  General Dwight D Eisenhower to change the date of the invasion of Europe from 5th June 1944 to the 6th of June, and thereby helped to ensure a successful outcome.

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