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CHALMERS, James (1782 – 1853)

Dundee Inventor, Bookseller and Newspaper publisher. Invented the adhesive postage stamp, which made Rowland Hill’s Penny Postal service a practical proposition.


DEWAR, Sir James (1842 – 1923)

Physicist and Chemist, born in Kincardine, Fife. Inventor of the vacuum flask.


KELVIN, Lord William Thomson (1824-1907) Mathematician and Physicist

In 1846 he became professor of natural philosophy at Glasgow University, a post he would hold for more than fifty years. In Glasgow he created the first physics laboratory in Britain. He formulated the two great laws of thermodynamics. Evolved theory of electrical oscillations. Propounded the “law of squares”. The important notion of absolute zero. Invented improvements in cables and galvanometers which were vital to the success of the Atlantic telegraph cables. Improvements to the mariner’s compass. Invented sounding gauges, tide predictors, etc, etc.

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