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GOUDIE CHISOLM, George (1850 – 1930)

Influential Geographer. First lecturer in Geography at the University of Edinburgh (1908), securing the recognition of Geography at that University and author of the Longman’s Gazetteer of the World (1895).


JOHNSTON, Alexander Keith (1804-1871)

In 1826 joined his brother to form the cartographical firm of W. & A.K. Johnson. He was the first to bring the study of physical geography to England. In 1843 was appointed ¬†Geographer Royal for Scotland, and in 1848 published his “Physical Atlas” . It was followed in 1856 by a second expanded edition. This work illustrated, by means of maps and descriptive text , ¬†the geology, hydrography, meteorology, botany, zoology and ethnology of the world.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS)

Founded in Edinburgh in 1884 as the Scottish Geographical Society. Now at Lord John Murray House, Perth.

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