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MCGAVIN, George C. FLS, FRGS (Entomologist)

MORTON, Kenneth J. (Entomologist)

His collections of dragonflies, caddis flies, lacewings and stoneflies are housed in the National Museums of Scotland.

MURRAY, Andrew Dickson FRSE, FLS (Entomologist)

Born Edinburgh (1812-1878)

RENNIE, James (1787-1867) Botanist and Entomologist

Born Ayrshire, Scotland. A graduate of Glasgow University who became professor of natural history at King’s College, Cambridge. His works include, The Architecture of Birds, The Natural History of Insects, Insect Architecture and Alphabet of Botany.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

SNH is a Scottish Government agency with prime ┬áresponsibility for Scotland’s natural heritage in all its forms, apart from its seas, for which see Marine Scotland

WHITE, Francis Buchanan (1842-1894) Entomologist

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