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Blackwood’s Magazine

Founded in 1817 by the Edinburgh publisher William Blackwood (1776-1834) as a counterblast to the politics of the Edinburgh Review. They were the first to publish Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim in 1899. At that time the most prominent authors always published first in magazines.

Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal

In 1832 William Chambers began to publish weekly editions of the Journal. It was known from 1854 as Chambers’s Journal of Literature, Science and Arts. Publication ceased in 1938.

Chapman Publishing

Chapman, founded in 1970 is Scotland’s leading literary magazine.

Scottish Farmer

First published in 1893, it is the oldest continuously published farming journal in the world, and celebrated its 120th birthday on 5th January 2013.

The Edinburgh Review

Founded in Edinburgh in 1802 by Archibald David Constable (1774-1827) the Scottish publisher, bookseller and stationer.

The Farmers Magazine

Founded in Edinburgh in 1800 by Archibald David Constable (1774-1827) the Scottish publisher, bookseller and stationer. It is one of, if not the the earliest farming journal in the world.

The Gardners Magazine

Founded in 1826 by Scotsman John Claudius Loudon. This was the first periodical devoted solely to horticulture

The Glasgow Looking Glass

First published in 1825, this periodical cast a satirical eye on happenings in 19th century Scottish society. Dr Lawrence Grove of Glasgow University said that it is “the predecessor of Punch and other  popular satirical comics of the Victorian age.”  It has now been labelled as the first ever comic.

the Mechanic’s Oracle

Scottish inventor and publisher  John Tilloch (1759-1825) first published the Oracle in 1824. It discontinued shortly after his death

The Philosophical Magazine

In 1787 John Tilloch (1759-1825) moved from Glasgow to London, and in 1797 established the magazine which published new discoveries and inventons. It was one of the oldest scientific journals in the English language. He remained as owner and editor until 1822.

The Scots Magazine

Its first edition appeared on Monday 9th February 1739, making it the world’s oldest magazine still being published today.

The Spectator

RINTOUL, Robert Stephen (1787-1858). A Dundee printer who edited the Dundee Advertiser from 1822 to 1825. He then moved to London and launched The Spectator there in 1828. He remained as editor for 30 years. The Spectator is claimed to be the oldest continuously published magazine in the English speaking world.

The Student

The Student is the UK’s oldest student newspaper. It was founded in 1887 by the author Robert Louis Stevenson and is published weekly by the students of Edinburgh University.

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