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Glasgow Herald (Renamed The Herald in 1992)

Founded in 1783 by John Mennons as the Advertiser. The name changed to The Herald and Advertiser and Commercial Chronicle in 1803, and to the Glasgow Herald in 1834. It is said to be the longest continuously published national newspaper in the world.

New York Herald

Founded in 1835 by James Gordon Bennett (1795-1872), a Scot born in Banffshire and educated there and in Aberdeen. In 1819 he sailed to the United States where he became a major figure in the history of American newspaper publishing.

Scottish Daily Newspaper Society (SDNS)

SDNS is the trade body representing the major newspaper publishers in Scotland.

The Boston News-Letter (1st American newspaper)

Founded in 1704 by John Campbell (1653-1728) who had emigrated to America from Scotland some time before 1698. Following other failed attempts, it was the first newspaper in America to be established as a going concern.

The Scotsman

Founded in Edinburgh in 1817 by William Ritchie and Charles MacLaren.

The Student

The Student is the UK’s oldest student newspaper. It was founded in 1887 by the author Robert Louis Stevenson and is published weekly by the students of Edinburgh University.

The Toronto Globe (Now the Globe and Mail)

Founded in 1844 by Edinburgh born and educated George Brown (1818-1880) . He was a politician and a founding father of Canada. As an Ontario politician he favoured a federation of the British Colonies in North America and spoke against the French Canadians.

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