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BALFOUR, Arthur James (First Earl of Balfour) (1848 – 1930)

British Prime Minister between 1902 and 1906. The “Balfour Declaration” of 1917 promised the Zionists a home in Palestine.

BONAR-LAW, Andrew (1858 – 1923)

British Prime Minister for only a year. However, joined Lloyd-George in a war-time partnership during World War I.

BROUN-LINDSAY, James Andrew (Marquis of Dalhousie) (1812 – 1860)

Governor-General of India. Carried out the peaceful annexation of the Punjab. Organised government across all departments; railways, roads, irrigation. Opened the Ganges Canal.

BROWN, George (1818 – 1880)

Politician and a founding father of Canada, born and educated in Edinburgh. As an Ontario politician, he favoured a federation of the British Colonies in North America and spoke against the French Canadians, developing the deep divisions which persist today. Founder and editor of the “Toronto Globe“.


BUCHAN, John (Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875 – 1940)

Author, biographer and politician. Perhaps best known for “The Thirty-Nine Steps“. Was also a member of parliament and Governor-General of Canada.


JB was educated in Glasgow and trained for the clergy. Of Jacobite leanings, he was much offended by British oppression was one of many who left Scotland at that time. In 1728 he settled in Carolina where he became active in government of the colony, became a merchant and plantation owner. He then moved to Georgia where he married Jean Stobo, daughter of a Scottish Presbyterian missionary. Their first son, Archibald Stobo Bulloch, was born in 1730.

Jean died and he married Anne Ferguson, a Carolina widow. With his third wife, Ann Graham, he acquired Mulberry Grove Plantation, and continued his life as a wealthy plantation owner. He became active in Georgia politics, and as a member of the Provincial Congress in 1775 voted to cut all ties to Britain and raised a company of Patriots for protection of his Sea Island district.

Archibald Stobo Bulloch (1730 – 1777)

Jas Stephens Bulloch (1793 – 1849) Grandson of ASB, was grandfather of Theodore Roosevelt

Jas Dunwoody Bulloch (1823 – 1901) Confederate S o A chief foreign agent ¬†and half-brother of distinguished naval officer Irvine Bulloch and of Martha “Mittie” Bulloch, mother of President Roosevelt.

CSS Alabama (John Laird & Sons) and SS Fingal renamed Atlanta (J & G Thomson, Govan, launched 1861


CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN, Sir Henry (1836 – 1908)

Politician. Liberal Prime Minister of Britain between 1906 and 1908.


DINWIDDIE, Robert (1693 – 1770)

Born near Glasgow, was the Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia. He insisted that the colonies should raise money for their own protection. Discovered George Washington’s talents and sent him to resist the French. Thus he was an important figure in American History and has been called the “Grandfather of the United States“.


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