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BRUCE, Jacob Daniel (1669-1735)

Born in Moscow but claiming Scottish descent, his Scottish family having lived in Russia since 1649. his brother was Robert Bruce. He was a statesman, military leader, scientist and close associate of ┬áPeter the Great. He was considered to be one of the most learned people in Russia, being also a naturalist and astronomer. He founded Russia’s first observatory in Moscow in 1702.

BRUCE, Robert, (1668-1720) Russian General

He was the brother of Jacob Bruce, and was the first military governor of Saint Petersburg. As such he repulsed an attack on it by a Swedish army. He was also closely involved in the 1810 Siege of Vyborg.

Gordon Highlanders Museum

Located in the city of Aberdeen. The Gordons amalgamated with the Seaforths and Camerons in 1994 to form The Highlanders Regiment.

GORDON, Patrick (1635-1699) Imperial Russian Admiral and General-in-Chief Russian Army

Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, he rose to become general-in-chief of the Russian army under Peter the Great. Peter has been credited with dragging his country from medieval mediocrity to become a major European power. Few are aware however that Gordon was the driving force behind him.

KEITH, James Francis Edward (1696-1758) Prussian Field Marshall

Born at Inverugie Castle, near Peterhead, Scotland. Was made Field Marshall and Governor of Berlin by Frederick II of Prussia.

Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum

Located in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Scottish Casualties WW1

Of the 557,000 Scots enlisted, 26.4% lost their lives. The rest of the British army lost 11.8%.


Scottish Regiments

Websites containing lists of Scottish regiments and their history.

The Black Watch Museum

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Museum. Balhousie Castle, Perth.

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