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Law Society of Scotland

Established 1949, as the professional governing body for Scottish solicitors.

Marischal College, Aberdeen.

This ancient university college was founded in 1593 and merged in 1860 with Kings College Aberdeen to form the University of Aberdeen.

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Founded by Glasgow born James McGill in 1821.

National Theatre of Scotland (NTS)

Established in 2006, it was never intended to have its own theatre. It has however been spread across a number of different leased sites since its formation, and has been seeking a permanent HQ. It was announced on 14th January 2013 that a former warehouse in the Spiers Lock area of Glasgow has now been leased, with a £2 million Scottish Government grant enabling it to be converted into office, rehearsal, technical and storage facilities all under one roof.

Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB)

Founded in 1786, it is the general lighthouse and pilotage aids authority for Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

Founded 1670 as a 40ft x 40ft physic garden by Dr Robert Sibbald, later first Professor of Medicine at Edinburgh University, and Dr Andrew Balfour. Now spread over an area exceeding 70 acres plus satellite gardens of Benmore, Dawyck and Logan.

Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (RCHS)

Founded in 1809 and meets at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinbrugh.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG)

Established 1599 by Peter Lowe after receiving a Royal Charter by James VI.

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)

In 1505, the Barber Surgeons were formally incorporated as a Craft Guild in the city. The charter of privileges imposed crucially important duties. The most important of these was that were that apprentices should be literate, that all masters  should have full knowledge of anatomy and surgical procedures, and that apprentices would be tested at the end of their training. They were granted a Royal Charter by James IV in 1506. All clauses are still relevant to surgical practise and the college today.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS)

Scotland’s national collection of buildings, archaeology and industry. Established by Royal Warrant 1908. In 2015 merged with Historic Scotland to become Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow

Incorporated prior to 1668, the faculty and its library, established in 1817, serves the needs of the legal profession in Glasgow and west central Scotland.

Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. (RIAS)

The RIAS was founded in 1916 as the professional body for all chartered architects in Scotland.

Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society

Founded in 1854. The Royal prefix was added in 1869. The name changed to the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) in 1930. The Royal English Arboricultural Society was founded 1882.

Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS)

The RSFS is the premier forestry society in the UK, founded in 1854 as the Arboricultural Society of Scotland. It received its Royal Charter in 1889. Its name and Royal Charter changed to the current in 1930.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS)

Founded in Edinburgh in 1884 as the Scottish Geographical Society. Now at Lord John Murray House, Perth.

Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Established by Royal Charter 1783. Scotland’s national academy of science and letters.

Saltire Society

The society was established in 1936. Its aims are to celebrate Scottish endeavour and achievement, and promote excellence, particularly in Civil Engineering, Arts, Literature, Architecture, History and Heritage.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce

The umbrella organisation for Scotland’s 26 local chambers of commerce

Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame

Founded in 2011 by the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (IESIS). It “honours those engineers from, or closely associated with, Scotland who have achieved , or deserve to achieve, greatness”.

Scottish Faculties

Websites for Scottish Faculties.

Scottish Meteorological Society

Founded in 1855, and financed mainly by land owners who wished to compile meteorological records  with a view to possible agricultural improvements.

Scottish Newspaper Society

The association which represents the Scottish newspaper industry.

Scottish Oceans Institute

Established within St Andrews University in 1884 by William Carmichael McIntosh as the St Andrews Fisheries Laboratory, which became the Gatty Marine Laboratory in 1896.

Scottish Text Society

Established 1882, Edinburgh. Leading publisher of older Scot’s literature, including poetry.

Scottish Women’s Rural Institute (SWRI)

In 2015 the word rural will be removed from the institute’s title which will change to the Scottish Women’s Institute (SWI). The purpose of the institute is to promote the preservation and development of Scotland’s traditions, rural heritage and culture. Education and training of home skills, family welfare and friendship.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress