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KLAUS, Vaclav (Former Czech Preesident)

Commenting on Mr Barroso’s assertion that “it would be”extremely difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the EU, Mr Klaus accused Mr Barroso of arrogance, and said that following independence he would expect Scotland and  Catalonia to remain within the EU.

LAMONT, Johann (Scottish Labour Leader)

Quotation – “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions”. In a Scotland Tonight Referendum Special debate with Nicola Sturgeon on 25 Feb 14.


This will take you to International Political & Legal Implications of Scottish Independence, by Pofessor David Scheffer for the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Smith Research Foundation. He makes clear that following a Yes vote there would be two successor states – not one as currently presumed.

Mobile Phone Charges

In June 2013 the Better Together coalition published a paper stating that, following independence,  consumers would have to pay more when using their phones south of the border. They did so in the full knowledge that the EU was about to dramatically reduce mobile phone charges with a view to differences between national and roaming charges being cut to zero by 2015.

National Collective



Osborne’s stance on currency union savaged by top economist

Professor Leslie Young of Cheung Kong  Graduate School of Business, Beijing.

OSBORNE, (George Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Quote: “If Scotland walks away from the UK it walks away from the pound.” 13 Feb 2014.

Radical Independence Campaign (RIC)


An apolitical website set up by Scottish tycoon Tom Hunter. In the first paper produced for it, world renowned economist, professor Leslie Young of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, lambasts the UK Treasury case against monetary union as relying on  a “lurid collage of fact, conjecture and fantasy” in making its argument.

Scottish Secretary Carmichael’s lists top-20 reasons to remain part of UK

Single UK wide research body to remain following a yes vote.

Paul Boyle, head of Research Councils UK, said in March 2014 that the body would like to see “a single research system continue whether there is a yes vote for independence or not.”

Sir Charles Gray, Former Labour Leader of Strathclyde Regional Council says Yes

He said “I have always been in favour of home rule for Scotland and we have to give credit to Alex Salmond and the SNP for getting us to this stage in the process. Sir Charles, who is 84, has been a Labour stalwart since the age of 15. He believes a yes vote will return Labour to leadership in Scottish politics.

Sir Nicholas MacPherson and a very British state

Comment on Sir Nicholas’s advice to the coalition on the currency debate.

Smart money is on Scotland keeping the pound. Sunday Times 29 Dec 2013

A post-independence currency union will be of mutual benefit says Jim Walker, founder and chief economist of Asianomics, an economics research and consultancy company.

The Dambuster’s Strategy

Following Project Fear, supporters of the Better Together campaign are using the phrase to describe the currency union rejection by Conservatives, Labour and Liberals.

The Jimmy Reid Foundation

Ostensibly neutral, but as at March 2014 most participants appear to be in the Yes camp.

The Union and the Law by Professor David M Walker

Legal opinion on the Union. David Maxwell Walker was Regius Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow from 1958 to 1990.

Think Scotland


Thomas Widmann, AoP


University of Glasgow Adam Smith Research Foundation Professor David Scheffer February 2013

David J Scheffer is an internationally respected American legal professor whose areas of expertise include public international law, international institutions law and international human rights law.

Victory for Business for Scotland as CBI is forced to register as part of the No Campaign

Business for Scotland

What Scotland Thinks

A search of all surveys and polls

Where Does Scotland’s Wealth Go.


Whitehall confirms Scottish pensions safe following Yes vote

Following a pension information request from a Scottish pensioner, a DWP official responded as follows: “If Scotland does become independent, this will have no effect on your state pension – you will continue to receive it just as you do at present.”

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