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Andy Myles former Lib-Dem Chief Executive will Vote Yes

Arc of Prosperity – Scottish Inependence with a Scandinavian Twist


Bella Caledonia


Chocs Away – Derek Bateman Broadcaster

On the Dambusters Strategy

Denis Robertson Sullivan former Scottish Lib-Dem Treasurer will Vote Yes

Eu Citizens for an Independent Scotland


Farmers for Yes


Former Glasgow Labour Lord Provost Alex Mosson will vote Yes

He said “Westminster is holding us back” He also said that the vote next September is “not about the SNP, or Labour or any other political party.”

Former Scottish Labour Chairman Bob Thomson backing Yes

A labour stalwart for 51 years, he cited shadow chancellor Ed Balls’ intervention on currency union as a defining factor in his decision.

GARRIAUD-MAYLAM, Joelle (Senior French Senator specialising in foreign policy)

She accused the UK and Spain of being behind Mr Borroso’s intervention on Scotland’s position in the EU following independence. Speaking in the French Senate, she said ” the threats formulated by Mr Barroso are inappropriate and the result of Spanish and English pressure. London is increasingly worried. They (the threats) are not credible. If Scotland votes for independence, it will stay within the European Union. It would be in England’s interest.” The French conservative is secretary of the senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and and Armed Forces commission and was delivering a special statement to parliament on Scotland and the EU.

How Scotland’s Economy Went South – Business for Scotland


Independent Scotland could be AAA rated – Standard & Poors

A Business for Scotland report on the viability of Scotland’s economy, even without monetary union, by credit rating agency Standard & Poors. They say “there is no fundamental reason why Scotland could not successfully float a currency.”

Independent Scotland Would Face Increased Terrorist Threats

The Herald reported on Friday 11 October 13. “David Cameron has sparked a major row after suggesting Scottish lives would be put at greater risk of terrorist attack by independence.” Other Better Together voices have made similar assertions. However, the defence and security think tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) stated that “An independent Scotland is unlikely to face the severity of threats faced by the UK.”

Is There a Constitutional Path to Scottish Independence by Neil MacCormick

Professor Sir Donald Neil MacCormick, QC, FBA, FRSE (1941-2009)

Issues Surrounding the Sharing of UK Debt Post Independence

A 2014 paper for the Jimmy Reid Foundation by economists Jim and Margaret Cuthbert.

John Mulvey, ex Labour leader of Lothian of Lothian Regional Council says Yes

He said “I have gone from being a sceptic about the relevance of devolution given all the other major political issues of that time to being absolutely convinced that Scotland’s future now lies with independence.”

KLAUS, Vaclav (Former Czech Preesident)

Commenting on Mr Barroso’s assertion that “it would be”extremely difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the EU, Mr Klaus accused Mr Barroso of arrogance, and said that following independence he would expect Scotland andĀ  Catalonia to remain within the EU.


This will take you to International Political & Legal Implications of Scottish Independence, by Pofessor David Scheffer for the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Smith Research Foundation. He makes clear that following a Yes vote there would be two successor states – not one as currently presumed.

National Collective



Osborne’s stance on currency union savaged by top economist

Professor Leslie Young of Cheung KongĀ  Graduate School of Business, Beijing.

Radical Independence Campaign (RIC)


Single UK wide research body to remain following a yes vote.

Paul Boyle, head of Research Councils UK, said in March 2014 that the body would like to see “a single research system continue whether there is a yes vote for independence or not.”

Sir Charles Gray, Former Labour Leader of Strathclyde Regional Council says Yes

He said “I have always been in favour of home rule for Scotland and we have to give credit to Alex Salmond and the SNP for getting us to this stage in the process. Sir Charles, who is 84, has been a Labour stalwart since the age of 15. He believes a yes vote will return Labour to leadership in Scottish politics.

Sir Nicholas MacPherson and a very British state

Comment on Sir Nicholas’s advice to the coalition on the currency debate.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress