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BARROSO, Jose Manuel (European Commission President)

On the BBC Andrew Marr Show he said it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the EU.

BBC Great British Programmes

The normally impartial BBC would seem to be firmly in the Better Together camp with, among others, the following series: The Great British (TGB) Winter, TGB Bake Off, TGB Garden Revival, TGB Cook Off, TGB Year, TGB Sewing Bee, TGB Narrator, TGB Food Revival and TGB Menu. To drive the point home, many of the backdrops are festooned with union flags.



DARLING, Alistair MP. Leader of the Better Together campaign.

The failed Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who left the UKs finances in a parlous state. He had to pay back funds during the House of Commons expenses fiasco, and has knowingly lied during the Independence Debate. He has compared Alex Salmond to Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea.

English Would Bomb Our Airports

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie’s comments as a Better Together supporter.

Hillary Clinton

On 11 June 14 she said “I would hate to have you lose Scotland.” This remark was obviously not aimed at Scotland, but was aimed at another state, which she obviously thinks has Scotland.

Independence would be biggest humiliation since loss of America.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in an article for the Institute’s journal entitled Dissolution and Defence.

January 2014 North Sea drilling licensing round

The UK Government has announced a new licensing round for drilling for oil and gas in the North Sea. Coalition Ministers admitted that around 20 billion barrels of oil were still there to be found. In 2013 Alistair Darling, leader of Better Together, accused Alex Salmon of lying when he said that there were billions of pounds of reserves left in the North Sea. He said “it simply isn’t true”. In July 2013 the Labour MP accused Mr Salmond of having exaggerated the amount of oil and gas left in the North Sea, after the First Minister suggested around 24 billion barrels remained. Mr Darling insisted that the actual figure was one-twelfth of the First Minister’s figure.

LAMONT, Johann (Scottish Labour Leader)

Quotation – “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions”. In a Scotland Tonight Referendum Special debate with Nicola Sturgeon on 25 Feb 14.

Mobile Phone Charges

In June 2013 the Better Together coalition published a paper stating that, following independence,  consumers would have to pay more when using their phones south of the border. They did so in the full knowledge that the EU was about to dramatically reduce mobile phone charges with a view to differences between national and roaming charges being cut to zero by 2015.

OSBORNE, (George Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Quote: “If Scotland walks away from the UK it walks away from the pound.” 13 Feb 2014.

Scottish Secretary Carmichael’s lists top-20 reasons to remain part of UK

The Dambuster’s Strategy

Following Project Fear, supporters of the Better Together campaign are using the phrase to describe the currency union rejection by Conservatives, Labour and Liberals.

Think Scotland


Victory for Business for Scotland as CBI is forced to register as part of the No Campaign

Business for Scotland

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress