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Beattie’s Biscuits

Founded in Glasgow in 1876 by William Beattie.

Crawford’s Biscuits

Founded in Edinburgh in 1813 by William Crawford.

Gray Dunn Biscuits

Founded in Glasgow in 1853. They were bought out by Bilsland’s Bakery in 1912

MacDonalds of Glasgow

In 1932 William MacDonald started production of the Penguin biscuit.

Macfarlane Lang

Founded in Glasgow in 1817 by James Lang. His nephew John Macfarlane  joined the business and took over when James died. in 1922 it merged with McVitie & Price to form United Biscuits.

McVitie and Price

Established in Edinburgh in 1830. In 1922 it merged with Macfarlane Lang to become united biscuits.

Scottish Bakers

Scottish Bakers is the trading name of the Scottish Association of Master Bakers (SAMB). Established in 1891, it supplies a range of support services for bakers of all sizes.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress