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2013 Scotland attractiveness survey

Ernst & Young’s 2013 Scotland attractiveness survey on FDI (foreign direct investment) states, “The figures show Scotland is continuing to punch above its weight in an increasingly competitive market;” and speaks highly of “sparkling investment performance.”

Aberdeen Asset Management

As at September 30th 2013 Aberdeen was managing £204bn of third party assets from their offices around the world. The following month they acquired Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIPS) in an all share deal worth £550m. Total assets now under management have increased by approximately £136bn to £340bn making them the largest fund managers in Europe.

Adam Smith (1723-1790)

Born Kirkcaldy, Scotland. A moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy. One of the outstanding figures of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Airdrie Savings Bank

Established in 1835, it is Britain’s only independent savings bank.

Alliance Trust

Dundee based Alliance in July 2013 was managing total assets of £4.6bn.

Alliance Trust Savings

Artemis Investment Management LLP

Headquartered in Edinburgh with a London office. As at 31 October 2013 they were managing funds of £16.6bn .

Automatic Cash Dispencer

Invented by Scot John Shepherd-Barron OBE, (1925-2010) the first example of which was installed at a branch of Barclays Bank in June 1967.

Baillie Gifford

As at September 2013 BG was managing £101bn of funds from its Edinburgh HQ.

Bank of Montreal (BMO)

Co-founded on June 23, 1817, by a group of merchants led by Scot John Richardson, and his fellow Scot, partner and cousin John Fosyth. It opened for business on November 3, 1817, making it Canada’s oldest bank.

Bank of New York

Founded by Alexander Hamilton with former Major General Alexander McDougall as President.


Bank of Scotland

Established in 1695, Bank of Scotland was Britain’s first Joint Stock Clearing Bank. Unlike The Bank of England, established one year earlier by Scotsman William Paterson, it was forbidden to lend to the government without Scottish parliamentary approval.

British Linen Bank

The only British bank to be founded by Royal Charter with its beginnings going back to 1746. Bought by Barclays Bank in 1919. In 1969 Barclays sold it on to Bank of Scotland. In 1999 Bank of Scotland dropped the name.

CAMPBELL, Archibald (1682-1761) 3rd Duke of Argyle,1st Earl of Islay.

In 1727, a founder and first governer of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Charlotte Square Managers


Chartered Bank of India Australia and China

Founded by Scotsman James Wilson in 1853. It merged with the Standard Bank of  British SA in 1969 to become Standard  Chartered Bank.

Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland

Founded in 1875, and now trading as the Chartered Banker Institute, it is the oldest professional organisation for bankers in the world. It is the only professional body entitled to make the award of Chartered Banker.

CROCKETT, Sir Andrew. (1943 – 2012)

Born in Glasgow, he was an economist with a flair for policy analysis who helped to transform the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements). He has been the only Briton to have held the prestigious post of general manager of the BIS, previously dominated by Europeans.

Dundas Global Investors


East Lothian Banking Company

Founded in Dunbar, Scotland in 1810. Closed in 1822 when the cashier went off to the United States having embezzled the funds entrusted to the bank.

Edinburgh Partners

As at February 2013 they had funds under management in Edinburgh of  £8.2bn.

FLINT, Douglas Jardine CBE. (Group Chairman HSBC Holdings PLC)

Born 1955 Glasgow, Scotland.

General Accident

Founded in Perth in 1885 as the General Accident and Employers’ Liability Assurance Association.

HAMILTON, Alexander (1755 or 1757-1804) Bank of New York

Diaspora. Born in Charlestown, capital of the island of Nevis in the Leeward Islands. His father, James A Hamilton was the fourth son of Scottish laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange, Ayrshire. He was a founding father of the United States ad one of the most influential men of his generation. Among his many achievements he established the nation’s financial system including the US Mint, and founded the Bank of New York.

Henry Duncan, Savings Banks

In 1810 Scottish minister Henry Duncan (1774-1846) opened the world’s first savings bank at Ruthwell, Dumfries.

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