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BLYTH, James MA LLD FRSE FRSSA (1839-1906) World’s First Wind Turbine Electricity Generator.

Born Marykirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland. In 1887 he built the world’s first electricity generating turbine in the garden of his holiday home in Marykirk, Scotland, to generate electricity which provided lighting for the house.

DAVIDSON, Robert (1804-1894) Invented and Built World’s First Electric Locomotive.

Born and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is also credited with building the world’s first electric car.

Sir Edward MacColl (1882-1951)

He established the first regional electricity supply grid in the UK, and went on to build many of Scotland’s major hydro electric schemes under the leadership of the redoubtable Tom Johnston, Secretary of State for Scotland.

Sir Edward MacColl (World’s first high-head reversible pumped-storage power station)

Born in Dumbarton, Scotland (1882-1951). On 30th November 2012, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) presented an Engineering Heritage Award to Cruachan  Power Station, the brainchild of Sir Edward MacColl

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