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Carry Freedom

Founded by Nick Lobnitz, and operating out of High Clunch Farm, Stewarton, Ayrshire. Hand builds bike trailers and the Paper Bike, a city bike for multi-usage or individual city people.

David Rattray and Company Ltd

Glasgow based lightweight frame builders from 1928 to 1983, during which time they manufactured approximately 15,000 units. Their bikes were considered a must have by serious club riders in Scotland. Most frames were built to a racing specification. Touring models were badged as “The Scot” and the racing variety badged as “Flying Scot”.

Shand Cycles

Founded by Steven Shand in 2003, and based in Livingston, Scotland. They hand-produce a custom-built range of bikes to suit Scotland’s roads, trails and mountains.

The Howe Machine Co Ltd

Built Bicycles and Tricycles in Glasgow. More information required.

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