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Established Glasgow in 1993 and in 2012 now employing over 330 people. Specialising in design and production of a wide range of vehicles including taxis, ambulances and electric vehicles.

Argyle Motors Ltd

The Hozier Engineering Company was established at Bridgeton Glasgow in 1899 by Alex Govan, and early cars were built there. c.1904 the company, now called Argyle, moved to magnificent new premises in Alexandria. Following Govan’s death in 1907 the company went into decline and was liquidated in 1908. Several attempts were made to re-establish the marque but all met with limited success and the final Agyle was produced c1990.


This Scottish company operated from 1896 to 1931 and built the first automobile to be manufactured in the UK. They also built the world’s first off-road vehicle.

Castle Precision Engineering (Fastest Weels on Earth)

Based at Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland, Castle is building, among other components, the aluminium wheels for Bloodhound, the jet powered supersonic car which it is hoped will break the world land speed record, currently 760 mph, in South Africa in late 2013. 1000 mph is the target, and at that speed the wheels will have to spin 177 times per second.

DAVIDSON, Arthur, Walter & Willam with William S Harley (Founders of Harley Davidson motorcycles)


Their father Alexander “Sandy” Davidson emigrated to the US from an estate near Brechin, Scotland, with his wife and six children in 1858

DAVIDSON, Robert (1804-1894) Invented and Built World’s First Electric Locomotive.

Born and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is also credited with building the world’s first electric car.


Madelvic Motor Carriage Company

Founded in 1898 by the City of Edinburgh astronomer, William Peck. He built electric broughams. The factory is said to be the oldest purpose built car factory in the UK.

Napier and Son

David Napier, b Dumbarton, Scotland (1785-1873) was a member of the famous Napier engineering and shipbuilding family. He moved south and set up his own engineering company, D Napier, in 1808. It became Napier & Son in 1848 when his son joined the business. His son, Montague Napier, began production of Napier badged cars in 1899. Between then and 1924 they produced 4,258 vehicles. They had many firsts to their credit, including first crossing of the Rockies, first series production of six cylinder engines, first British victory in international motorsport, with the car finished in what was to become British racing green. They were also famous for their Napier aircraft engines

Pressed Steel

Rootes Group

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