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CARLYLE, Thomas (1795 – 1881)

Writer and literary critic. Wrote on a diversity of topics from the French Revolution to Oliver Cromwell. Became rector of Edinburgh University in 1866.


CARRICK, William (1827-1888) Father of Russian Photography

Born Edinburgh, Scotland.

CONAN DOYLE, Sir Arthur (1859 – 1930)

Creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes. He graduated from Edinburgh University in medicine and practised in Edinburgh, aboard ship and in the Boer War.

COWIE, A P (Lexicographer)

Editor of  the Oxford History of English Lexicography, and the International Journal of Lexicography. More information required,

CRAIGIE, Sir William Alexander. (Lexicographer)

Born Dundee, Scotland (1867-1957). He was first editor of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, and chief editor of the Historical Dictionary of American English. He was also third editor of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)

CRISP, Donald (1880 – 1974)

Born in Aberfeldy, emmigrated to the U.S. in 1906. Despite having acted in more than 400 holywood films, being an accomplished director and taking a leading role in film financing, Crisp became known as Scotland’s forgotten actor. Roles include “Birth of a Nation“, “Intolerance“, “National Velvet“, starring with Elizabeth Taylor, and “How Green is my Valley” for which he was awarded an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in 1941.


DICKSON, William Kennedy (1860-1935) 35 mm Film and Motion Picture Camera

Born in Brittany, France, to Scottish parents. He invented the first practical celluloid film and decided that the size should be 35 mm, which became a world standard and is still in use today. He also devised an early motion picture camera.

EUSTACE, David (b 1961)

David, born in Glasgow, Is a famous Scottish photographer best known for his fashion, art and portrait work. He was appointed Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University in 2015.

FERGUSON, Adam FRSE (1723-1816) Philospher & Historian

A Scottish Enlightenment figure who has been called “the father of modern sociology”

FERGUSSON, John Duncan (1874-1961)

One of the four main members of the Glasgow Colourists school, along with Francis Cadell, George Leslie Hunter and Samuel Peploe.

FINLAYSON, James (1887-1953) Actor

Born Larbert, by Falkirk, Scotland.

GARDEN, Mary (1874-1967) Opera Singer

Born Aberdeen, Scotland. An operatic soprano who had a highly successful career, particularly in France anf the United States.

GARDENER, Alexander (1821-1882)

Born Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Emigrated to the United States in 1856. Famous for his photographs of the American Civil War and portraits of Abraham Lincoln.

GILLANDERS, Robin (b 1952)

Born and still resident Edinburgh, Scotland. Famed particularly for his fine portraits. Was official photographer at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Glasgow Chamber Orchestra

Established 1956.

Glasgow Senior Citizens Orchestra

Founded in 1963. It seems to be a unique orchestra in the UK, being the only such ensemble specifically for older musicians.

Glasgow-City of Sculpture

Databases listing Glasgow’s sculptures, sculptors, designers, architects, builders and foundries.

God Save The King/Queen

This is generally accepted as a British national anthem, however these days it is rarely used in Scotland because of a sixth verse which reads:

Lord grant that General Wade

May by your mighty aid

Victory Bring

May he sedition hush

And like a torrent rush

Rebellious Scots to crush

God save the Queen!

This dates back to the Jacobite era and makes it more of an English than British anthem. A new Scottish anthem is currently being sought.

GOW, Neil (1727-1807)

Born Inver, Perthshire, Scotland. He was the most famous Scottish fiddler of the 18th century.

GRAHAME, Kenneth (1859-1932) The Wind in the Willows

Born Edinburgh. Among other works he wrote The Wind in the Willows, one of the great children’s classics.

GRANT, William (Lexicographer)

From 1931 to 1946, first editor of the Scottish National Dictionary.

GRIERSON, John (1898-1972) Considered to be the father of British and Canadian Documentary Films

Born near Doune, Scotland, he coined the word documentary in 1926.

HESTE, William (1753 or 1763-1832)

William Hastie was a Scottish architect, town planner and civil engineer who spent most of his life in Russia.  He transformed townscapes throughout Imperial Russia in the early 19th century.

Hill & Adamson. Founders of Documentary Photography

From their studio at the Rock House on Calton Hill, Edinburgh between 1843 and 1845 they undertook an extensive project making 130 calotype images of fishermen and women at Newhaven. In so doing they became the founders of Documentary photography.

HILL, David Octavius (1802-1870)

He was an artist who founded the Hill & Adamson Studio in Edinburgh with engineer and photographer Robert Adamson. They conducted pioneering work on many aspects of photography.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress