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18th century Scottish writers

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BARRIE, Sir James Matthew, OM (1860-1937) Peter Pan

Born Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland. An author and playwright whose best known work is Peter Pan, or The Boy who wouldn’t grow up.

BOSWELL, James (1740 – 1795)

Biographer and Traveller. Although a lawyer by profession, Boswell travelled widely in Europe, writing accounts as he went in his distinctive style. Perhaps his best known work described his journey with Dr. Samuel Johnson to the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

BOSWELL, James, 9th Laird of Auchinleck (1740-1795)

His Life of Johnson has been described as the greatest biography written in the English language, and he himself described as  the father of modern biography.

BUCHAN, John (Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875 – 1940)

Author, biographer and politician. Perhaps best known for “The Thirty-Nine Steps“. Was also a member of parliament and Governor-General of Canada.

BURNS, Robert (1759 – 1796) Scotland’s National Bard

Born Ayrshire, Scotland. Poet and Writer. Amongst many other works he wrote “Auld Lang Syne” which is now sung world-wide at the end of functions and particularly at the end of the year. Scots celebrate “Burn’s Night” on the 25th January.


CARLYLE, Thomas (1795 – 1881)

Writer and literary critic. Wrote on a diversity of topics from the French Revolution to Oliver Cromwell. Became rector of Edinburgh University in 1866.


CONAN DOYLE, Sir Arthur (1859 – 1930)

Creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes. He graduated from Edinburgh University in medicine and practised in Edinburgh, aboard ship and in the Boer War.

GRAHAME, Kenneth (1859-1932) The Wind in the Willows

Born Edinburgh. Among other works he wrote The Wind in the Willows, one of the great children’s classics.

Lists of Scottish Authors

LITHGOW, William (1582-1645)

Born Lanark, Scotland. An early travel writer who although totally innocent, was held by the Spanish as a spy and brutally tortured.

MACDONALD, George (1824-1905)

Born Huntly, Aberdeenshire. A prolific writer of what could be described as phantastes. He influenced many other writers including WH Auden, E Nesbit and CS Lewis who described MacDonald as his “master”. Among others who fell under his spell were GK Chesterton, Mark Twain, John Ruskin, Elizabeth Yates, JRR Tolkien, and he was Lewis Carrol’s mentor.

MACKAY BROWN, George (1921 – 1996)

Poet and Novelist born on the Island of Orkney. A prolific writer, “The Storm” (1954) was his first work. He suffered from tuberculosis which interrupted his studies at Newbattle Abbey College and the University of Edinburgh.

MACKINTOSH, Elizabeth (1896-1952) Under the pseudonym Josephine Tey.

Born Inverness, Scotland. She was an author, play and screen writer. her “Daughter of Time” is considered by many to be a masterpiece. She also wrote under the name Gordon Daviot and had an influence on many fellow writers including Stephen King and Sarah Waters.

SCOTT, Sir Walter (1771-1832) Historical Author, Playwright & Poet

Born Edinburgh, Scotland. Widely regarded as father of the historical novel.

SMOLLETT, Tobias (1721-1771)

STEVENSON, Robert Louis (1850-1894)

Born Edinburgh, into the famous lighthouse building Stevenson family. Probably Scotland’s most famous author, his best known works being the Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kidnapped and Treasure Island.

The New Testament In Scots

Translated by William Laughton Lorimer and published by Penguin Books.

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress