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ADAM, Robert. FRSE, FRS, FSA(Scot), FSA, FRSA (1728 – 1792)

Born Kirkcaldy, Fife.  A neoclassical architect, and designer of interiors, furniture and furnishings. He was leader of the early phase of classical revival in Great Britain from c.1750 until his death.

ANDERSON, Sir (Robert) Rowand (1834 – 1921)

Born in Edinburgh, Anderson was Scotland’s leading architect c.1900. He worked in many styles from ‘Scottish Gothic’ through to classical, and his public buildings include the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the McEwan Graduation Hall and Medical School for the University of Edinburgh.

BRYCE, David (1803 – 1876)

Architect. Proponent of the “Scottish Baronial” style of architecture, examples of his work include Fettes College and the (new) Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh and also more than 100 country houses.

CAMERON, Charles (1745-1812) Architect

Scottish pioneer of Greek revival with an illustrious career as Catherine II of Russia’s favourite architect.

CAMERON, Charles 1745-1812

A Scottish neoclassical architect, much favoured by Catherine the Great of Russia.

Glasgow-City of Sculpture

Databases listing Glasgow’s sculptures, sculptors, designers, architects, builders and foundries.

HESTE, William (1753 or 1763-1832)

William Hastie was a Scottish architect, town planner and civil engineer who spent most of his life in Russia.  He transformed townscapes throughout Imperial Russia in the early 19th century.

James “Athenian” Stuart (1713-1788)

Diaspora, born in London to a Scottish father. He was the father of the Greek revival in architecture.

MACKINTOSH, Charles Rennie (1868-1928) Architect

Born Glasgow, Scotland. World renowned architect and designer of the post impressionist/modernist movement. His masterpiece is the Glasgow School of Art (GSA).

MEASON, Gilbert Laing (1769-1832) Landscape Architecture

His estate of Lindertus was located in Forfar, Scotland. In 1828 he published a book on the relationship between buildings and other structures and the landscapes in which they were located. In it he coined the phrase Landscape Architecture, which was picked up and promoted by the Scottish botanist John Claudius Loudon. An admirer of his, the American horticulturist Andrew Jackson Downing picked up the term. Many consider him to be the father of American landscape architecture. Others believe that title should belong to Frederick Law Olmstead who was the first to use the term to define his profession.

MENELAWS, Adam (c1748-1831) Architect

Born in Scotland between 1748 and 1756, died in 1831 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was a Scottish architect and landscape designer who between 1784 and 1831 designed Russian Gothic Revival residences and their park-lands for senior members of the Russian establishment. He eventually became the first domestic architect of Nicholas I, in other words, the leading architect of the Russian Empire.

The Dictionary of Scottish Architects 1840-1980

Scottish Achievement, Influence & Heritage is a work in progress