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GARDNER, Alexander

b. Paisley. (1821 – 1882) Photographer. Best known for his photographs of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.

18th century Scottish writers

Some websites on 18th century writers.

A Selection of Scottish Poetry

An anthology of some fine Scottish poems.

ADAM, Robert. FRSE, FRS, FSA(Scot), FSA, FRSA (1728 – 1792)

Born Kirkcaldy, Fife.  A neoclassical architect, and designer of interiors, furniture and furnishings. He was leader of the early phase of classical revival in Great Britain from c.1750 until his death.

ADAMSON, John (1809-1870) Physician and Photographer

He produced the first calotype portrait in Scotland in 1841, and explained the process to his brother Robert Adamson , who went on to form the renowned photographic partnership with David Octavius Hill.

ADAMSON, Robert (1821-1848)

In 1843 he established his pioneering studio on Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

AITCHISON, John (Wildlife Photographer)

Grew up in Portsmouth where his Scottish father introduced him photography. Now lives with his wife and children in Argyll.

AITKEN,Professor A J (Lexicographer)

Adam Jack Aitken, b. Edinburgh (1921-1998) was second editor of the DOST (Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue.)

ALLAN, Doug (Wildlife Photographer)

Dunfermline born Allan’s work  has brought him five Baftas and four Emmy awards. He has also won  two Polar Medals and the BAS Fuchs Medal. He has made major contributions to Life in the Freezer, Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, A Boy Among Polar Bears and Planet Earth.

ANDERSON, Doug (Wildlife Photographer)

Born Glasgow, Scotland. Learned underwater skills and began to take wildlife photographs on the isle of Arran.  Major contributions to The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life and Frozen Planet.

ANDERSON, Sir (Robert) Rowand (1834 – 1921)

Born in Edinburgh, Anderson was Scotland’s leading architect c.1900. He worked in many styles from ‘Scottish Gothic’ through to classical, and his public buildings include the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the McEwan Graduation Hall and Medical School for the University of Edinburgh.

BARRIE, Sir James Matthew, OM (1860-1937) Peter Pan

Born Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland. An author and playwright whose best known work is Peter Pan, or The Boy who wouldn’t grow up.

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Founded 1935.


Born Glasgow, Scotland. He has photographed every US President since Dwight D Eisenhower.

BOSWELL, James (1740 – 1795)

Biographer and Traveller. Although a lawyer by profession, Boswell travelled widely in Europe, writing accounts as he went in his distinctive style. Perhaps his best known work described his journey with Dr. Samuel Johnson to the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

BOSWELL, James, 9th Laird of Auchinleck (1740-1795)

His Life of Johnson has been described as the greatest biography written in the English language, and he himself described as  the father of modern biography.

BOUGH, Samuel (1822-1878)

Born in Carlisle, England, but spent much of his working life in Scotland painting and drawing landscapes. His friend Robert Louis Stevenson said in his obituary of the artist “a painting by Bough was an act of dashing conduct like a capture of a fort in war”.

BREMNER, Fred (1863-1941)

Left home in Banff, Scotland in 1883, and spent the next 40 years capturing images of Imperial India from tradesmen to aristocrats.

BRYCE, David (1803 – 1876)

Architect. Proponent of the “Scottish Baronial” style of architecture, examples of his work include Fettes College and the (new) Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh and also more than 100 country houses.

BUCHAN, John (Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875 – 1940)

Author, biographer and politician. Perhaps best known for “The Thirty-Nine Steps“. Was also a member of parliament and Governor-General of Canada.

BUCHANAN, Gordon (Wildlife Photographer)

Scottish wildlife photographer who grew up on the Isle of Mull

BURNS, Robert (1759 – 1796) Scotland’s National Bard

Born Ayrshire, Scotland. Poet and Writer. Amongst many other works he wrote “Auld Lang Syne” which is now sung world-wide at the end of functions and particularly at the end of the year. Scots celebrate “Burn’s Night” on the 25th January.


CADELL, Francis Campbell Boileau (1883-1937)

One of the four main members of the Scottish Colourists school, along with John Duncan Fergusson, George Leslie Hunter and Samuel Peploe.

CAMERON, Charles (1745-1812) Architect

Scottish pioneer of Greek revival with an illustrious career as Catherine II of Russia’s favourite architect.

CAMERON, Charles 1745-1812

A Scottish neoclassical architect, much favoured by Catherine the Great of Russia.

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