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Alexander Bain (1811-1877) A Posthumous Emmy for Invention of Scanning for Image Transmission.

A Scottish clock and instrument maker, Born Caithness, Scotland, invented and patented the first electric clock in 1841 and patented his “facsimile” machine in 1843, whereby a message was scanned, sent electronically, and received and printed on chemically sensitive paper. He also invented an earth battery, insulation of electric cables and the electric fire alarm. It is claimed that in 1846 he was using perforated tape to speed up telegraph transmissions, but some proof of that is required. It was however his invention of the fax machine which led to an Emmy award, 139 years after his death, by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on Friday 8th January 2016. His invention contained the fundamentals that would become television including image scanning, transmission and image reconstruction. It was so advanced that a further 80 years elapsed before television became a reality. It also contained the whole idea of pixels and image manipulation that is in digital photography today.

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